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Which is India’s No. 1 ‘crop’? Is it rice? Or wheat? Well, neither. The right answer happens to be milk.

Milk is also India’s largest ‘crop’ with a farmgate value (output multiplied by average price realisation) higher than that for rice and wheat combined.

The half or one litre milk packet that millions of consumers open each day is the output of innumerable dairy farmers and their cattle and buffaloes. This milk packet contains more than milk; it is a symbol of social and economic empowerment of our farmers: the marginal farmer with only one litre milk to spare has as equal access to the market as a big farmer who may be trading in hundreds of litres. And it is this indomitable strength and spirit of cooperatives that Dr. Kurien recognised and built an institution that led the nation towards its journey of becoming the global leader, by several miles, in milk production.

The Indian dairy sector has been registering a consistent annual growth for the last several years. We are the largest milk-producing country in the world. For a nation, which is still to shed the tag of being a developing entity despite its enormous size, it is no mean achievement to be sitting atop the world in this most critical food and livelihood sector. Further, this position is not likely to be challenged in either the near or distant future.

With increasing incomes, consumers are lapping up all the milk and milk products produced in the country. The milk marketers need to be congratulated on the impressive expansion of a milk marketing system that caters to the consumers in every nook and corner of the country. We are truly a milk country!

After a gap of 3 years, the India International Dairy Expo is back with the support of the Indian Dairy Association (IDA) bringing the complete dairy fraternity under one roof being dairy plants, dairy ingredients, dairy equipments, dairy technology, etc.

IndiaDairy.Com - A Dairy India venture is proud to be associated as a knowledge partner for the India International Dairy Expo (IIDE).  

Hope to see you all there and together let us help our dairy industry grow further.

Vidura Gupta / Dairy India